Dermalift Non-surgical

Dermalift Non-Surgical 

Dermalift is a revolutionary new facial system for lifting, toning and firming of the aging facial tissue, by way of direct micro-currents on the skin.  This treatment gives a similar effect to botox and fillers but is far less intrusive. This photo below shows Nina giving the Dermalift facial in one of our warm, calm and relaxing treatment rooms. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked:

How does it work?

The lower frequency setting enables the micro-current to penetrate deeply through the skin to the dermis level, reaching the muscle fibre and stimulating the facial lymph nodes. The high frequency setting enables the current to act superficially, to stimulate the epidermis and improve the condition and texture of the skin.

What are the effects of the treatment?

Effects of Dermalift are the firming, lifting and toning of the facial muscles ultimately leading to a more youthful appearance.

How long is the treatment?

On average the Dermalift treatment takes between 60-75 minutes.

Can the neck be treated?

Yes, the neck can be treated but not until you have had at least 5 Dermalift facial treatments.

Does it hurt?

The micro-current in the Dermalift is similar to the body’s own electrical nervous stimulation.  Some clients may feel a slight fluttering effect when having the treatment on forehead and around the eye area, but this is perfectly normal.

How many treatments are needed?

We recommend initially two treatments a week for three weeks, then one treatment per week for four weeks, followed by one treatment per month to maintain improved skin appearance.

Who can have this treatment?

There are no known risks to this treatment but we would advise you consult your doctor prior to treatment should you have any of the following conditions Epilepsy, Photo-sensitive, Migraine, Pacemaker, Acne Rosacea, Metal plate/screw implant

How much does it cost?

Single standard treatment – £45 or deluxe treatment – £55 For a course of 6 treatments or more – standard £35 / deluxe  £45  per treatment

Call our therapists today on 07752635761 or on our landline 01480 731150 to find out more about this treatment or to book an appointment. 

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